Build a Professional Image with Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the most important element in ALL of your marketing platforms in giving you a professional business image.

Graphic design is no longer just about designing a logo, a business card or a flyer, it’s in EVERYTHING! It’s in your web design, social media pages, email newsletter, and everything your customers look at every minute and every second! And people do judge based on your ‘look’, people just cannot help it!

Banner images – many marketing platforms have a banner image area, including a website, social media page, newsletter, etc. The banner image area is an very important area because they’re the first things people see, right on the top next to your logo. Each banner image needs to be able to grab people’s attention within the first 2 seconds, generating attention and communicating the story of your products or services; making people want to see more.

Websites – there are many elements in a website that require graphic design elements, in order for your website to capture people’s attention, make a positive first impression, and converts leads to sales. People are more likely to buy from a business with a website that is beautiful and professionally stylish, not with a website that seems to be put together by the owners themselves who could not for whatever reason hire a professional. Your website design is communicating your professional image and making first impressions every minute, whether is a positive one or a negative one. You definitely want this to be a positive one. Main areas for graphic design elements in a website include: the logo, each of the sliding banner images, each image and each icon, background image, and sometimes even the buttons, etc.

Social Media – Just as your website, your social media design is communicating your professional image and making first impressions every minute and every second. The main areas for graphic design elements in a social media page include but not limited to: the logo, each of the cover images, each of the ads that you post, each photographic postings. Poor elements such as blurry and dark cell phone pictures are not professional and reflect negatively on your professionalism. Even though no one may point out how bad they are, people do judge and they cannot help it!

Email Newsletters – Your email newsletters also need to look professional and consistently communicates your business image. The main areas for graphic design elements in an email newsletter include but not limited to: the logo, the banner image, each of the smaller images or ads that you use in the newsletter.

Email newsletters are very sensitive and should be highly customized with a professional feel. Otherwise they will be in the trash can, or worse – reported on the spam list. Do definitely pay extra attention and get professional help in  newsletter design.

Custom Graphic Design Training – We feel many simple graphic design techniques could be mastered by anyone, regardless of your current computer and graphic design skill levels. We’re glad to share these techniques and train you and/or your staff how to do it!

Drop us a line today to set up a free consultation, and inquire about our very popular custom graphic design training, so we could give you some pointers to improve the designs of all of your marketing platforms, so you look like the professional you say you are!