Effectively Utilize Social Media to Market Your Business

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all crucial tools for your business. Social media has transformed from the “it’s good for my pride” of several years ago to the “my business cannot survive without it” of today.   Like it or not, your customers live primarily in the social media world, which means every platform is an opportunity to make connections with a potential customer!

Social Media is now the forum for referrals and word of mouth.  When used properly, social media marketing will help you generate quality leads and obtain high conversion rates because you can build a positive reputation on public platforms when people develop trust in your brand.

Social Media is a great marketing and sales platform, because the major social media sites are feel-good platforms where people are most likely to publicly compliment you!  These compliments are likely to be noticed by their friends and friends of friends – a powerful network effect, and the effects are quite powerful. You just need to utilize social media the right way in order to increase your business’ popularity!

Each social media platform offers unique opportunities. The social norms of how people interact on LinkedIn are different from Twitter and Facebook. Therefore you should tailor your communications style to the specific social media platform that you’re using.  We’re here to consult you on a regularly basis or whenever needed, and manage social media conversations with proper etiquette in order to make them the most effective for your business efforts.



Develop an Effective Social Media Plan:

While every business is unique, it is crucial you create a successful social media marketing plan that works for you.  Like any other marketing strategy, with limited resources everything you do should be strategically geared towards achieving your business goals. Every post, comment, like, tweet, pin should be smartly placed and targeted to the right platforms to increase your market share.  While desired results take time and effort, just like anything else, your social media plan should also be evaluated and re-adjusted from time to time, so you know what works and what doesn’t. Your social media plan needs to keep up with the changes in your customers’ behaviors, and stay at the top always in order to be effective.

A successful social media marketing plan should include:

  • An audit of the status of all your social media accounts
  • Your social media marketing goals by the week, month, quarter and year
  • The right strategies to implement to achieve your goals

Our team will help you to:

  • Establish Your Business Goals
  • Conduct a Thorough Social Media Audit
  • Improve your Online Presence
  • Create Competitor Awareness
  • Create a Content Plan
  • Regular and Constant Evaluation and Re-adjustments of the Plan

Remember, creating a social media marketing plan alone will not guarantee you success in your business. In today’s competitive business world, businesses must take advantage of all the various marketing tools and strategies available. By pursuing a long-term strategy incorporating social media marketing, corporate web site development, branding, professional imagery and graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing, your business can experience higher returns.

Drop us a line and we’ll schedule you a complimentary consultation to point you to the right direction.



Social media marketing tips:

  • Mine Twitter to Grow Your Audience
  • Analyze Past Content to Improve Posts
  • Optimize Visual Content with Links
  • Create a Social Media Channel Plan
  • Deliver Content Consistently
  • Use Hashtags Strategically
  • Test Pinterest for Your Brand
  • Use Social Updates to Write Blog Posts
  • Give Context to Pinnable Images
  • Become a Resource on Facebook
  • Manage Time Effectively
  • Expand Reach With LinkedIn Publisher
  • Target Website Visitors with Social Ads

  Contact us and we’ll be glad to go over how each tip can take your business to the next level!